What is Pillow-to-Cover?
Is it a comfortable and decorative pillow, or is it a cover?

The answer is straightforward; it serves as both.

Pillow-to-Cover was designed to address the perennial dilemma of "Where should I store my cover?"
Rest assured, as Pillow-to-Cover provides the ideal solution. This ingenious product seamlessly integrates a pillow and a protective cover into a single, user-friendly item that will leave you pondering how you managed without it.

No longer will you need to allocate storage space for your cover, invest in supplementary storage solutions, or resort to stashing it in a neglected corner, risking damage. Simply encase it within a decorative pillow that safeguards your cover after it has dutifully shielded your cherished outdoor furniture.

Premium Outdoor Pillow That Protects

Patent Pending outdoor cover that easily converts in seconds into a pillow!