We at Pillow-to-Cover have full confidence in the quality and durability of our products, and we proudly offer one of the industry's top warranties. As long as Pillow-to-Cover products are used as intended and not subjected to intentional abuse, we stand by our warranty and are committed to helping you continue to enjoy your pillows for years to come.

Pillow-to-Cover® provides a warranty against any material defects for up to two (2) years from the original date of purchase by the original buyer. While our materials are highly resilient to the elements and come with UV stabilizers, it's important to note that all materials may experience some degree of fading when exposed to direct sunlight.

To prolong the like-new condition of your pillows, we recommend regular cleaning and drying of the cover after each use. We are committed to replacing any products within this warranty period if there are material defects.

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Our team will carefully assess your claim and provide you with additional instructions within 5-7 business days.