Privacy Policy

Navigating Privacy Challenges in a Data-Driven World

The digital landscape has evolved into a highly data-driven global phenomenon, presenting an ever-increasing challenge in safeguarding the integrity of personal data. Our Privacy Policy is designed to exemplify our commitment to respecting and valuing all individuals who engage with our website. We prioritize transparency in how we gather, protect, and utilize data.

Data Gathering in the Digital Era

Accumulating data is an essential aspect of contemporary digital commerce and marketing, serving as a means to observe how website visitors interact with our pages. This data plays a pivotal role in enhancing our content and user experience. Content that doesn't resonate with our visitors is either improved or removed. User-friendly content enables us to understand our customers' preferences and assists us in delivering superior services and products.

Data is collected through input forms on our website, such as the Contact Form. We gather only the necessary information to enhance the user experience and safeguard the identity of those reaching out to us (e.g., email addresses, names, company names). This approach is essential for protecting against potential threats from hackers and spammers. Data obtained through these forms is retained on our website for a single month before being securely archived on our local hardware. Visitor email addresses are used exclusively for sending company notifications with the visitor's authorization.

Data can also be amassed through third-party software (plugins) provided by reputable companies that collect data for their databases. This aids us in identifying and targeting the right customer markets for our products. The tracking services we utilize, including Google, Pinterest, and Facebook, adhere to reasonable and standard practices. The "tracking information" is derived from "cookies" on a visitor's computer and may encompass details like the time and date of the visit, the visitor's country, and the pages viewed. Importantly, this data is never linked to personal information (e.g., email, name, address), as doing so contravenes the policies of these companies. Companies like Google are expressly prohibited from collecting personal data in their databases.

Any data collected from our website is strictly used for its intended purpose and will never be sold or shared with external third-party entities.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

We have implemented a widely recognized GDPR plugin that mandates visitor consent for the use of "cookies" before they can continue interacting with our website. In compliance with GDPR policies, if customer information is compromised (e.g., due to hacking), we are obligated to promptly inform each customer. We also enforce a one-month data retention policy to mitigate the potential repercussions of a server breach. Visitors are encouraged to request the removal of their data from our website servers at any time, in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

Security Through Professional Services and Established Software

Our website is hosted on Siteground, a renowned professional service provider in our industry, especially recognized for its commitment to security and support. We also employ one of the top two security plugins available for our website platform to further fortify the protection of our customers' data and guard against infiltration by hackers and spammers. Continuous 24/7 scanning and monitoring of pages and files, along with regular software and plugin updates, ensure that we stay current with the latest security features.

Safeguarding the Privacy of Personal Data

Preserving the privacy and integrity of visitor data is of utmost importance in today's interconnected world. Here at Pillow-to-Cover, we have taken every conceivable precaution to ensure the security of our visitor data. Our dedication to upholding data protection and privacy is unwavering, and we hope that our privacy policy offers our visitors the reassurance they seek.